I like to put my thoughts onto printed or screen form. I like discussing ideas, be they religious, political, about relationships, about sports, you name it. Here I will primarily focus on politics from a progressive point of view as well as atheism with a good focus on issues involving church-state separation.

I most certainly want people commenting on them. I want a vast readership with lots of vibrant conversation. So I will never delete a comment simply because I disagree with the viewpoint expressed in it. As long as everyone is on the whole respectful of one another, good conversation will happen. What will not be tolerated here, though, are:

  • trollish behavior will get you the boot
  • gratuitous personal insults of me, or of other commenters, will get you banned too. It’s one thing to state “your comment is ridiculous and idiotic” or “you’re an idiot for posting this” – as long as it has at least a modicum of substance to it, but a comment that’s nothing more than a personal attack will be swiftly removed upon discovery
  • slurs based on race, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, and the like, are not welcome. This is especially important since many of the topics in this blog will deal with atheism and church-state separation. Remember to understand the difference between critiquing a belief, which, as part of the marketplace of ideas, is fair game; and belittling people for holding said beliefs. This goes for people on all sides of those debates
  • People are entitled to respect. Beliefs themselves are not. Once you publicly state a belief, it’s not merely personal, it becomes part of the marketplace of ideas.  My blogs are, if nothing else, public statements about beliefs or opinions on certain matters and I should expect those to be challenged. That goes for anyone else who posts comments here.
  • You are entitled to your own opinions, but you are not entitled to your own facts. Debunked claims will quickly be pointed out upon discovery. Not all opinions are of equal merit. Opinions from a KKK member on race will not be given serious consideration, other than as a form of hate speech. And I will not get into silly debates about whether President Obama is an American citizen, so don’t even try.

I’m new to blogging on Word Press so I will try to post these in an FAQ format or on a sidebar on the blog main page. Here’s to happy blogging and robust conversations.